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FAQ about girlworks™ change to Digital Editions

Q: I am experiencing slow download of the file.
Please contact jkim@girlworks.ca. We can provide a solution to deliver you a smaller file that will be easier and faster to download.

Q: Our subscription is for a library or school. May I provide access information to all of our students?
Yes you may. Any student who attends your school, library or institution may access the magazine from either the site itself, or off-site.

Q: What if I subscribe to multiple copies for my institution?
Please contact the Publisher at jkim@girlworks.ca and your subscription will be either extended or refunded.

Q: I ordered through the QSP program as part of a school fundraiser and I want a refund.
Please contact QSP. For Magazine & Book Customer Service
 please call (800) 678-2673 8AM – 5PM EST.

Q: If I want to order print back issues, do you have them available?
Yes, we have a number of back issues available and can accommodate your request. Please contact the Publisher.