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Marketing to Children and Teens

girlworks media inc. strictly adheres to the Canadian Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, as well as the Advertising Standards of Canada: The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, as they apply to marketing to children (anyone under the age of 13) and teens (those aged between 14 – 16).

Marketing to children and teens imposes a unique duty and responsibility upon marketers and advertisers to recognize that not all marketing and advertising techniques are appropriate for children and teens.

girlworks media inc. will, when interacting with children, require the opt-in consent of the child’s parent or guardian. Where a child, parent or guardian withdraws or declines permission of that interaction, we will immediately delete all such information from our database(s).  girlworks media inc. will collect a minimal amount of personal information for both children and teens.

girlworks media inc. will not exploit children’s or teen’s credulity, lack of experience, or sense of loyalty. Our content, marketing and advertising will be age-appropriate and will not portray sexual behaviour or violence inconsistent with community and industry standards.