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Contact Info
girlworks media inc.
P.O. Box 91559
47 Main Street South
Georgetown, ON Canada
L7G 5M9
Contact: Janet Kim (jkim@girlworks.ca)
Note: If you’re a librarian and need our ISSN number for catalogue purposes it is ISSN 1920-8952.

Welcome to girlworks. Our goal is to produce a new type of media for girls which is not widely available in the world today. You will find our articles and discussions focus on the incredible complexity and diversity of girls. The magazine and website are fun places to read and visit, for the latest on:
  • style
  • trends
  • quizzes.

But we will also discuss the hard stuff such as:

  • self-esteem
  • body image
  • sexuality
  • loneliness and depression.

You should also know what you will not find here:

  • girls who think they will become princesses
  • impossibly thin girls
  • impossibly beautiful girls
  • girls with things written across their bums on their clothing……okay that’s enough….
  • a lot of advertising.

There are some other things too – but you probably get the point……..

The magazine and the website are different, so check out the web for daily news and “question of the day” discussions and arguments in our Forum.

You can also use the website for help with your homework in almost any subject or area of interest. Just go to the Homework tab for more information.

We want to hear your opinions, your thoughts, and experiences from your life.

If you would like to contact the Publisher directly, please do so at: