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Editorial Advisory Role:

A girlworks Editorial Advisor assists with the selection of topics for upcoming issues, as well as our web content. We publish content of the highest caliber, thought provoking, and appropriate for an audience of girls and young women.


Prof. Nicholas Bala, Faculty of Law, Queen’s University.

Prof. Bala is an expert in Family and Children’s law, studying how the  Canadian justice system impacts families and children, including how parental  separation affects children and issues related to juvenile offending and child abuse.  Much of his work is interdisciplinary and he has research projects with psychologists, social workers and doctors.  He is also involved in professional education for judges, lawyers, probation officers and mental health professionals.  He lives in Kingston with his wife, a family doctor, and their 13 year old daughter, while two older daughters and a son are attending university.

Professor Teresa Scassa, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law

A fluently bilingual scholar whose work is recognized worldwide, Prof. Scassa joined  the Faculty of Law in July 2007.   Prior to this, she taught for 15 years at Dalhousie Law School.  This year she teaches Introduction à la propriété intellectuelle et industrielle for the uOttawa French Common Law program.  Her main areas of research are in intellectual property law and privacy, as well as in the emerging hybrid area of “information law.”  Prof. Scassa is also co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Law and Technology.

Teresa lives in Ottawa with her husband, son and daughter.