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Guide for Girls and Their Money

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WORK. Working will not only give you spending and saving money, but it will make you an impressive candidate when you apply to college or university. You will also have to experience new situations, teaching you skills beyond what you could ever learn at home or at school.

PAY YOURSELF FIRST: Once you are working, put 10 – 15% or your total net income (that’s net girls, not gross), and SAVE IT. Don’t keep it in a shoebox under your mattress – open a savings account or some other investment and watch your savings grow.

PLAN: Think beyond the moment to your goals for next month, next year, and four years from now. Chances are you have some small expenditures planned, and some larger. Planning means you’ll be less likely to waste your money, and have money when you need it.

LOVE something. When you’re passionate about something – school, books, art, music, fashion, anything–you can make it a priority and spend money on the things that matter most to you. If having the latest shoes or jeans isn’t a priority, don’t buy them……

EXPLORE your spending options. The best way to make smart shopping decisions? Look into all of your options, do research, read reviews, and ask around. Especially with bigger purchases, it pays not to rush in. In a tough economy, there are deals to be had.

CHANGE lives: Make giving money to a favourite charity a regular part of your budget. Check the website, or call to ask what percentage of one dollar goes to the actual charity, and not the administration of that charity. You don’t have to give a lot of money to make a difference.

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