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The Game of … TENNIS

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TennisServe_300x382Tennis, anyone? Tennis is a very popular sport that is played and watched around the world. If you would like to learn more about the rules of the game, then check out this article …

Basic Rules of Play:

  • The overall goal of tennis is to gain points to win games, sets and matches;
  • Tennis can be played with one player per side (singles) or two players per side (doubles);
  • Players use a racquet to hit a felt-covered rubber ball over the net to the opponent’s side;
  • To determine who will serve first, players toss a coin or spin a racquet;
  • The player who wins the toss or spin can: (1) give the choice to the other person, (2) choose which end to play and let the other person serve, or (3) choose to serve and let the other person choose the end they wish to play;
  • The server starts behind his/her baseline – between the centre mark and the sideline;
  • In a legal service, the ball is hit by the server to the receiver (opponent) and must travel over the net (without touching it) into the diagonally opposite service box;
  • The rally begins as players alternate hitting the ball over the net;
  • The ball can bounce only once per side before it is hit back to the opponent;
  • The first player (or team) that fails to make a return will lose the point;
  • The server continues to serve one entire game alternating serves between the two halves of the court.

Player Equipment:

  • Tennis Racquet
  • Tennis Balls – felt-covered balls that are about 2 inches in diameter and weigh two ounces each; can vary in colour (white and yellow are commonly used)
  • Tennis / Court shoes
  • Tennis clothing – shorts, skort, comfortable t-shirt / top
  • A hat and sunglasses will help keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Sweatbands and headbands help keep sweat off the racquet and out of your eyes
Did you know? … Professional tennis players use natural gut to string their tennis racquets. Natural gut is made from the intestines of animals, such as the cow. Gut has great tension stability and elasticity but it is very expensive. Most recreational players use synthetic gut made from nylon, polyester, Kevlar and other man-made materials.

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