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Here’s a list of fun links on the web. They’re great for studying breaks since studying is what you should be doing right now, right?…… right???


FailBlog: http://failblog.org/
you haven’t heard of Failblog, check it out. It’s hilarious.

Engrish Funny: http://engrishfunny.com/
A blog much like Failblog only it focuses on poor language translations. Show it to your English teacher and his or her brain will explode.

Photoshop Disasters: http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/
A collection of poorly photoshop-ed commercial ads. Really funny!

Web Toons

Homestar Runner: http://www.homestarrunner.com/
“Oh helwo and welcome to homestarrunner.net, ‘it’s dot com’”. Check out the Strong Bad emails first.

Ask a Ninja: http://www.askaninja.com/
A site for the true ninja at heart… with a really catchy theme song.

Web Riddles

FASCO-CS: http://www.fasco-csc.com/index_e.php
Riddle games that involve escaping from a room. You’ll need all your wits to figure some of these out.

Mystery.net: http://www.mysterynet.com/
Check out the Online Mysteries.

ZAP DRAMATIC Negotiation Games: http://www.zapdramatic.com/dramas.htm
These games are actually meant to help teach negotiation skills. Very interesting.

Flash Games

Newsgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/
If you like Flash games, go here. This place has everything.

PopCap: http://www.popcap.com/allgames.php?p=online
You can download the demos if you want but the free online games are sufficiently fun and addictive.

Nanaca Crash: http://megami.starcreator.com/nanaca-crash/
Highest score ever = 5530. Honest! Why do I suddenly have an urge to hit people with my bike?

Draw A Pig: http://homosrus.com/drawpig.html
A personality test based on how you draw a pig.

If you have anymore fun and interesting links you’d like to share, please feel free to comment!

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