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The Game of … SOCCER

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SoccerAttack_300x382Ever wanted to learn how to play soccer but never got the chance? Here is a refresher on the must-knows when playing “the beautiful game”.

The information is specific to Youth Soccer and that refers to youth between U12 and U18 (Under 12 years of age to Under 18 years of age).

Basic Rules of Play:

  • Soccer is a game of kicking, passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting and scoring.
  • The object of the game is to score the most goals against the opposing team.
  • Players cannot touch the ball with their arms or hands; however, they can use any other part of their body, including their head, to move the ball.
  • Players may use their hands for a throw-in.
  • The goalkeeper (while inside the penalty area) is the only player that can pick up or touch the ball with his/her hands.
  • The ball is considered out of play if it has completely crossed over the boundary lines, ie. the goal lines or the sidelines (touchline).
  • A throw-in will result if the ball crosses over the sideline.
  • A corner kick or goalie kick will result when the ball crosses over the goal line (the type of kick will depend on which team was responsible for the ball going out of play).

Good Sportsmanship – When playing any sport, always keep in mind that good sportsmanship and respect for teammates, referees and linesmen, coaches, and parents is expected by all players and spectators.

Player Equipment:

  • Shin guards;
  • Team jersey with number on back; shorts; socks;
  • Soccer shoes a.k.a. soccer cleats (have studs on the bottom to help give you traction on the field);
  • Soccer ball (U12 – Size 4; U13 and older – Size 5) – preferably made of leather;
  • Goalkeepers wear a jersey that differentiates them from other players and the referee;
  • Players should not wear anything that may be dangerous to themselves or others on the field, for example, jewellery, a cast or a brace.

Number of Players per Team:

  • 11 players per side (including goalkeeper)

The Player Positions are:

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward

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