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Today, the guy behind family film Rango – which just won an Oscar for best animated feature film – is introducing a new cast of kid friendly animated characters called the Super-Doggies.

Super Doggies are ‘good citizens’ pursuing the dream to perform around the world and want to bring attention to the issue of youth poverty. Super Doggies work with local communities to highlight their plight and contribute to making a better world for the future.

The trio of singing Super-Doggies are themed with a political bent and include Barack Obama’s dog, “Bo,” Vladmir Putin’s dog, “Buffy,” and “Abby,” the dog of a South African girl, Imani, who lives in the slums of Johannesburg.

In a 3:45 video revealed today, Imani watches from her house how both Obama and Putin care for their dogs.  All Imani has is a raggedy stuffed animal.  At one point she writes to both men asking them for a real pet – and in a fantastic scene that climaxes into a dance party featuring both dancing world leaders and their dogs – she gets her wish (Obama joins the action at 2:47 in the YouTube clip).

Check out the lyrics to  “You Can Survive It” below:

Later in the year, the Super-Doggies will go on a world tour for families everywhere to enjoy holographic dancing and singing dogs, combined with the world’s best dance talent and circus performers.  A portion of the proceeds will go to animal welfare organizations to encourage people to adopt dogs.

Tour dates and other information will be announced later in the year on the Super-Doggies website: http://www.super-doggies.com/ where you can sign up for the newsletter for updates.


You Can Survive It – Lyrics


Listen to your heart

Now tell me how it sounds.

Now walk like a king with a crown

Everyone alive got a goal to achieve

Focus on your path when you’re following your dream

March like a solider

Never look back

The world is a beast that’s ready to attack

Life is a party and the music don’t change

So I will dance with the sun and the rain




Every day, every day is struggle.

Every day in some way we get stronger.

Every day, every day we should stand up!

Every day in some way we should rise up!


When you look up to the star,

All your dreams may seem too far.

You can turn your make-belief,

Into your reality.

It’s a long road you can win,

When you find the love within.

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