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The Doomsday Clock Moved One Minute Closer to Midnight

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January 11, 2012

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced recently that the Doomsday Clock has been changed. According to the timeline,  it is now 5 minutes before midnight.

Though this announcement from the scientists has gone with little media coverage, the announcement itself is not incidental. The journal consists of a Board of Directors including over 17 Nobel Laureates and many esteemed scientists from around the world.

Why the change? The last change made to the clock was a good news story when in 2010 the clock was moved back from 5 minutes to midnight, to 6 minutes to midnight.

In light of the Japanese nuclear reactor disaster, the scientists note the concern regarding training and emergency procedures in the face of accidents or climate-related events.

But now, due to nuclear proliferation, climate change and global warming, the scientists have moved the clock closer. They see few countries with the will to make political and policy changes.  North Korea and Iran continue to bring uncertainty to the world’s nuclear situation, and U.S. Pakistani relations are also reaching new lows.

The Bulletin notes that:

“the pace of technological solutions to address climate change may not be adequate to meet the hardships that large-scale disruption of the climate portends”



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