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Your jeans – Levi Strauss to use less water

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November 2, 2011

The New York TImes published an article of interest today, noting that the historical and fabulous jeans-maker Levi Strauss is very concerned about how much water they use in making jeans – and how much water we use washing them.

They estimate that over the life cycle of a pair of jeans  – 919 gallons (that’s 3475 litres!) of water are used in their creation and care.

You have to give Levi Strauss credit for starting the discussion about climate change and the precious nature of the world’s resources – in this case – water. The company has started a WaterLess Initiative that teaches cotton farmers in India, Brazil and other countries to stonewash jeans with just stones and no water. This spring, Levi’s has produced 1.5 million pairs of jeans while saving 16 million litres of water. Levi’s is also exploring new irrigation methods, such as a new drip system which slowly pumps water directly to plants’ roots, conserving water, fertilizer and reducing weeds.

The company hopes to expand these methods, reaching 20% of their production by 2015.

Levis’ also recommends washing jeans only occasionally  – in fact – rarely. If you are worried about germs, then toss them in the freezer.

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