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Everyone’s Talking About Hitler

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June 22, 2011

Note to self: As you move through life, do yourself a favour and compare nothing and no one to Hitler, the Holocaust and the whole awful period in history. You know nothing about what it was like to live then, the experience of the people and crimes involved. If you need a point of comparison – USE SOMETHING ELSE!

News today is rife with Hitler …….

GQ will publish an interview in July with Michael Bay, the Director of the Transformers series where he states that Steven Spielberg demanded that Megan Fox be fired after comparing Bay to Hitler.

Fox, when interviewed by a British magazine in 2010 said Bay “wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is…..”

Apparently Spielberg told Bay to “fire her right now”, as soon as he heard about the quotation.

And in other news John Galliano, the sacked Christian Dior designer, went to a Paris court today to testify in his own defense about two separate incidences that took place in a Paris café. The first took place in October 2010 and the second in February 2011.

In the February incident, Galliano is alleged to have hurled racist and anit-Semitic vitriol at two patrons sitting next to him.

Actually – you can watch part of the incident on YouTube, where a very intoxicated Galliano declares “I love Hitler”.


Galliano’s defense? Triple addictions to alcohol, sleeping pills and Valium. He told the court “I embrace every creed and celebrate cultural diversity.”

The funniest comment from the trial? One man who testified admitted that he mistook Galliano for a homeless person.

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