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Texas to Allow Concealed Handguns in Universities

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May 12, 2011

Republicans in the State Senate approve “self-defence” measure despite anger from educators.

If you own a weapon in Texas and attend college or university – you can now take it with you to class! Republican Senator Jeff Wentworth tried to have the bill passed on its own, but was unable to get it passes after it was met with resistance from higher education administrators and officials. But then it was added as a rider onto a university spending bill, and it won a majority and was passed.

Supporters consider it an issue of self-defence and a constitutional right, but statistics bear out the truth of the matter; that it will lead to more crime and suicides on campus.

On Monday, Senators also voted to allow themselves to carry concealed handguns into places most of the public cannot – such as churches, restaurants and sporting events.

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