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Review ~ Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

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Mrs. Dalloway
By Virginia Woolf
Publisher: Harcourt; 1 edition (Feb 1 2001)


In the middle of London in June, 1923, Mrs Dalloway is preparing for her party. As she wanders through London to buy flowers, she gets lost in her memories. Memories of old friends, old loves, old decisions. Elsewhere in the city, there is a young couple; shell-shocked Septimus Warren Smith and his wife. She is struggling to hold on to their marriage, while he is just struggling to get away from it all. When Clarissa Dalloway returns home, she is visited by someone completely unexpected, Peter Walsh, who she once refused to marry, and who has been in India for the past five years. He opens his heart to her then leaves again, but continues to think of her. Peter wanders his hometown, thinking of the past. This is a story of love, decisions, old friends and old memories. Much is remembered during the difficult task of preparing for a party.

I truly had trouble understanding this book. I found the way it was written didn’t hold my attention, and was a bit confusing. Though the way Woolf expresses or describes things is beautiful, it sometimes drives you off the track of the story. My copy had two sections before and after the actual story. They were to help explain parts of the book. I gave up on the first section, as it was explaining things from the book, before you even read it. It didn’t make much sense. Then throughout the book there were little stars (*) that referenced to the back section, which would also explain parts. Neither of these parts helped me understand the book. This book wasn’t really interesting to me, and I’m not entirely sure why it is called a classic. Though some may like it, and perhaps understand it better than me, I did not enjoy this book.

Ellen’s Rating: (2.5 stars)

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