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Review ~ Black and White by Eric Walters

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Black and White
By Eric Walters
Publisher: Puffin Canada; First Edition edition (Jan 20 2009)


Thomas is great at basketball, and really loves the game. He even plays on a rep team along with his friend, Steve. The girl that Steve likes plays basketball on the girl’s team, and he convinces an unwilling Tom to watch the game. Tom thinks that he’ll be bored out of his mind the whole time, until he sees the team’s best player, Denyse. Denyse seems to be doing the work of an entire team, and she’s amazing. After the game, when Tom’s mom is driving the boys home, she, to Tom’s embarrassment, picks Denyse up when they see her at the bus stop. This kicks off a series of events that brings Tom and Denyse together. But their relationship is constantly bombarded with racial comments and confrontations, as Denyse is black and Tom is white. Tom and Denyse must struggle to stand against the racism, but will their relationship survive under the pressure?

I really enjoyed this book, and Eric Walters is an awesome writer. This book really highlights how deeply racism affects those who are the targets of it. I’m pretty sure the story of this book takes place in the past, just a few years after black people were truly accepted into society. It points out how, even after this was acknowledged, there was still a divide. The characters in this story are pulled into the struggle between those who are with or against the mixture of black and white.

Ellen’s Rating: (4.5 stars)

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Review ~ Black and White by Eric Walters, 4.2 out of 5 based on 64 ratings

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