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Why don’t girls & women contribute to Wikipedia?

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January 31, 2011

Wikipedia is a destination as the first point of research on all kinds of topics (though it should never be the end point…..check out a library and other sources). It contains more than 3.5 million English articles in hundreds of languages.

Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia – but almost all of the contributors are males – approximately 87%.  The Wikipedia Foundation is trying to change this – and their new goal is to reach 25% female-drafted content by 2015.

Wikipedia is free, open and democratic, but the gender inequality bears itself out in content. Simpson’s characters have dozens of pages; each Soprano episode has pages of details; and what do you want to know about video game characters? You’ll find more about them than some feminists……who actually impacted the world.

Don’t be intimidated. You have a voice and it should be heard. Get online and start contributing!

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