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Review ~ Need by Carrie Jones

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By Carrie Jones
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books (December 23, 2008)


Zara White is really mad at her mother. She has sent Zara all the way to freezing Maine to live with her grandmother. Sure, her mom had a good reason with the way Zara’s been acting since her stepfather died, but Zara feels the change of scenery isn’t necessary; that is until she meets some of the students, like handsome Nick and bouncy Issie. Zara’s nervous habit of chanting phobias helps her relax into her new home. Even though Zara is starting to feel more comfortable with her new life, something from her past disrupts it. The man, who she suspects of stalking her, has shown up again, and he seems to be leaving strange trails of golden dust. There also seems to be something strange about some of her new friends. As boys from town begin to disappear Zara knows something strange, even supernatural, is going on in this seemingly quiet Maine town.

I loved this book. I began reading it at lunch break, and spent the rest of the day in class wondering what would happen next. I, of course, finished it that evening. This book has a story that pulls you in deeper and deeper the more you read. The whole time I was trying to figure out the little twists that seem to be the true identities of the characters. I suggest you have the second book, Captivate, ready to read, because once you’re finished this one, you’ll want more.

Ellen’s Rating: (4.5 stars)

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