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Review ~ Dawn by Kevin Brooks

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By Kevin Brooks
Publisher: The Chicken House (Dec 1 2009)


Dawn Bundy is fifteen years old, or at least part of her is. The other part is hiding in a tiny cave, in her head. Dawn tries to forget the thirteen year old girl in the cave with music. She always has the Jesus and Mary Chain’s music on. It’s the soundtrack to her life. So Dawn hides behind her headphones, pretends everything’s fine, when it’s not. Her father left her and her mother two years ago, leaving a mysterious bag of money. Her mother is constantly drunk or passed out in front of the T.V.. There’s a reason for the girl in the cave, which she doesn’t talk about with her mom, not with anyone. Dawn’s life is crazy, hanging on the edge of a cliff, where Dawn tries to balance, until she finally falls off…

Kevin Brooks brings us a story about the hardships of growing up, and dealing with life. Dawn’s story is one that shows you how one action can change a person’s life.

This book swirls with religious questionings, the effects of alcohol, and family troubles. It really shows you how hard life can be, and how secrets can wound someone, and their relationships, deeply. This is a story of attempts at discovering God, and of overcoming all the obstacles that life throws at you.

Brooks creatively uses the lyrics of Dawn’s favourite songs to help you understand the story. This is an amazing idea, and really helps you understand Dawn’s interpretation of her life and the music.

This book may have some content which may be inappropriate for young readers.

Ellen’s Rating: (5 stars)

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