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Review ~ Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner

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Spanking Shakespeare
By Jake Wizner
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers (September 25, 2007)


Shakespeare Shapiro hates his life, and his name. He is sure his crazy parents were set on making his life miserable. He only has two friends, Neil who enjoys discussing his bowel movements, and Katie who hates everyone and seems to only hang out with them so she can constantly remind them of what losers they are. He has never had a girlfriend, and his younger brother is more popular than he is. In his twelfth, and last, year of school he plans to go out with a bang. Every twelfth grade student must write a memoir of their life, so Shakespeare writes about the crazy antics of his family with humour around every turn. Throughout the year he tries to get a girlfriend, gets high and ends up having the best year of his life.

This book is hilarious, in a perverted, sick-minded sort of way. Wizner’s first novel has you laughing all the way through. There are some more serious situations as the story winds down, but even then some comedy seeps through. This story shows Shakespeare learning a little and growing a little, but also consistently returning to the past as he writes his memoir. Wizner has created a great story, but it is aimed at an older audience as there is some swearing and older subjects.

Ellen’s Rating: (5 stars)

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