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Review ~ Skinned by Robin Wasserman

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By Robin Wasserman
Publisher: Simon Pulse; 1 edition (September 9, 2008)


Lia Kahn has the perfect life. Her parents are rich, she’s popular and has a great boyfriend. Until the car crash. Suddenly Lia’s life is flipped upside down. Right now she should be dead, but she’s not. Lia finds herself in a body that’s not her own, she looks human, she feels human but she’s not human. Lia is a robot. Lia’s friends and boyfriend avoid her; even her parents wish they had let her die. Lia is trapped in her artificial skin. She doesn’t know if, or where, she’ll ever belong again.

Skinned is based in a futuristic Earth. Wasserman invented a world that is ours, but changed almost beyond recognition. The story twists as you read, slowly becoming darker. Lia tells the story and you read how different people affect her. It’s interesting when Lia describes how she senses things and feels things differently in her new body. She learns about parts of life she never knew about, like how it feels to be left out, or even hated.

I really enjoyed how this story developed and changed as I read. This is a really good book.

Ellen’s Rating: (4 stars)

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