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The Game of… Badminton

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Singles – 1 player per side.
Doubles – 2 players per side.

The Court:

Court size for singles: 13.4 metres (44 ft.) long x 5.18 metres (17 ft.) wide.
Court size for doubles: 13.4 metres (44 ft.) long x 6.1 metres (20 ft.) wide.

The service courts are marked by a centre line dividing the width of the court, by a short service line at a distance of 1.98 metres (6 ft. 6 in.) from the net, and by the outer side and back boundaries. In doubles, the service court is also marked by a long service line, which is 0.76 metres (2 ft. 6 in.) from the back boundary.


Serving and Scoring:

  1. Players toss a coin or spin a racquet to determine who will serve first.
  2. The serve must travel over the net and across the court diagonally to be good.
  3. If a serve touches the net and lands in the proper court, then it is called a “let serve” and is re-served. Otherwise, only one serve is permitted to each court until a side out occurs.
  4. The racquet must make contact with the birdie below the waist on a serve.
  5. The server and receiver will stand within their respective service courts until the serve is completed.
  6. The serve alternates from the right half court to left half court after each serve, so nobody on the opposing team receives two serves in a row.
  7. Points may only be scored when serving. A single point may be won on a serve.
  8. The game is played to 21 points. The best two out of three games wins the match.
  9. Players / teams change court sides after each game.
  10. In singles, when the server’s score is an even number, the serve is taken from the right side of the court. When the server’s score is an odd number, it is taken from the left side.

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