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The Education of Girls and Women

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Africangirl_582x382“My parents told me to keep coming to school even if I am killed.” Shamsia Husseini a victim of a random attack in Kandahar City, Afghanistan.  Read the whole story in the November  December 2009 issue about the will and determination of girls and women to be educated – no matter what the cost.

Girls around the world who succeed through both primary and secondary education have what is known as the “multiplier effect” on the world around them. They marry later, and have fewer children, but those children have a better chance of survival, being nourished and educated themselves. Educated girls earn more money, and are more capable of being involved in social, political and economic decision making.[1]

Millions of girls around the world remain at a disadvantage – even when it comes to primary school education (grades kindergarten – grade eight) especially in West and Central Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia.

Sadly, in some parts of the world, extremists are working hard to ensure that girls do not receive an education at all.

Read the article by Sundeep Lally about Shamsia Husseini, her sister and friends and their experience of having acid thrown in their faces – because they went to school – in the November issue of girlworks.

In Canada and the United States, girls receive equal opportunities when it comes to primary and secondary education. Opportunities of all kinds are within their reach.

So why should you care? Girls and women need to look after other girls and women if equality in education is to be reached…Doing nothing is morally indefensible, and economically, politically and socially unsupportable.

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[1]Unicef child information http://www.childinfo.org/education_gender.html

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