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Party Planning for New Year’s Eve, girlworks style!

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Planning a party for New Year’s Eve? You will want to put some thought into the event, whether it’s big or small.

A few ground rules:

  1. Remember to involve your parents or caregiver with the planning. Give them enough notice so that food can be bought, things can be cleaned etc.
  2. Ensure that no one is bringing anything they shouldn’t to your party – whether that be alcohol, drugs, or movies that are rated beyond your age group.
  3. There must be at least one responsible adult present – okay not necessarily AT the party the entire time, but upstairs….downstairs…..and totally available.

Why? See point #2. Plus – if someone gets hurt somehow, having an adult around will ease everyone’s mind……not to mention your friends’ parents.


Keep the food simple. Teens like finger foods, so we suggest:

  • chips / salsa
  • veggie plate
  • meatballs
  • mini hot dogs
  • pizza
  • wings
  • candy bowl


  • New Year’s punch
    (2 litres ginger ale, mixed with 2 litres strawberry soda, mixed with 16 oz. frozen strawberries or orange slices. Mix them all together with ice for an easy punch).
  • water
  • pop or juice
  • sparkling grape juice for the midnight toast


  • plan the music selection in advance and have an idea as to what volume the music should be played at – too softly and there is no point – too loud and no one will be able to talk. Do your guests a favour and don’t play the same songs over and over… no matter how much you like an artist.

Party favours you can hand out:

  • hats (not everyone will want to wear them)
  • noise makers
  • bubbles
  • confetti (be prepared to clean it up… makes a mess)

Is there a theme to your party?

  • Black and white…
  • New York – you can pick any city you like… but New York is synonymous with New Year’s Eve. You can count down the seconds and have a big silver ball decorated like the one in Times Square.
  • Favourite band party. Each guest can dress up as their favourite singer / songwriter / artist.
  • Costume party – not for Halloween only…

Don’t over plan your party with games… sometimes all your friends really want to do is talk, listen and dance to music, or maybe watch a movie. Being together is the most important thing!

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